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Starpower Systems

We don't need to oversell you. Using information from your electric bill, we design the smallest solar system we can get away with while still providing enough solar generated electric power to meet your household energy needs. 

How Much Will Solar Panels Save Me?

Eliminate Your Electric Bill.

StarPower Systems offers you cutting-edge satellite imagery software that virtually configures Solar Panels to your actual roofline & county setbacks and calculates the least expensive number of quality panels it takes to zero-out your electric bill.

How Much Does a PV System Cost?

Getting your free virtual estimate for solar panels or battery backup installation is easy. Just call, email or text us. We're local in the Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County and nearby areas. 

We can set up your home EV charging station at the same time as your rooftop solar installation or ground solar system if you're off-grid. Some of our clients add solar battery backup systems and we'll be happy to discuss this option with you. 

Blue Skies

Your Local Solar Contractor

Matthew Welch and his team show up, reliably, healthy, friendly, clean and sober and on-time. StarPower Systems is your licensed solar installer (since 1989) who brings decades of experience to the job and guarantees workmanship, even after our installation of PV systems and battery backup. We want to make sure your whole solar electric system is still working after we leave. We'll go to bat with the solar panel manufacturer for any warrantees, or any necessary repairs or replacements.

How Will Solar Panels Look On My Roof?

Using Satellite imagery we'll give you an image of how a new solar PV System will look on your property. We use heat mapping to determine the best location for your solar panels. We submit drawings to the permit department on your behalf, handle all inspections and we work with the electric company to transition to providing your own solar energy to your household.

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What Our Happy Clients Say?

I was very happy working with Jacob, Matthew, and Jake on solar installation they did on our ADU. Not only were they very professional but also had great customer service. Our experience with them was smooth and not only did they finish the installation, but also did it in record time! There were a lot of solar companies that I've interviewed, but I was glad to have chosen this company.  Having someone who is local and responsive made a big difference! Jacob was easy to work with and super helpful. I would definitely use them again should I need any solar needs.

Ray S. San Jose Homeowner

I needed my inverter to be replaced. As soon as I had the replacement in hand, Matthew was very quick to come in and replace it. He was professional and as far as I could see, is a true engineer. He went above and beyond to fix some compatibility issues with the inverter mount and got me access on the solar app so that I can start monitoring the status of my panels, and all for a reasonable price.  Overall, I was very pleased with the service i got.

Murat A. San Jose

We bought Solar for our home with a battery back up in 2019 from PetersenDean/Solar4America. Systems worked great until June 2021 when the battery failed during a power outage. Didn't know what to do, where to turn since our install company went bankrupt. Researched electricians on Yelp. Matthew responded immediately. Their team arranged to come out and troubleshoot the problem. We were up and running quickly. StarPower was great and we will be keeping their info in case of any other issues. Would highly recommend them to anyone with Solar or who wants Solar installed.

Catherine W. San Jose

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